Causalis Limited – Making Systems Safer

Since 1998 we have offered extensive services in the fields of safety and dependability of technical and sociotechnical systems. We support enterprises with tools and methods for the development and analysis of safety critical systems.

Causalis has developed two methods in-house for the analysis of safety-critical systems: Why-Because Analysis for the causal analysis of significant failures and accidents, and Ontological Hazard Analysis for the safety analysis during the forward development of critical systems from requirements to software. We also apply industry-standard methods such as Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, and Hazard Analysis (FMEA, HAZOP, CCA).

We offer a comprehensive software toolset to support Why-Because Analysis, Causal Control Flow Diagrams, Accimaps, and other analytical methods: The SERAS™ toolset.

We produce computer-generated videos to illustrate critical engineering events.

Causalis personnel actively participate in international standardisation through the International Electrotechnical Commission of FMEA (IEC 60812), Root-Cause Analysis (IEC 62740), HAZOP (IEC 61882), and the functional safety of systems involving electrical, electronic and programmable electronic subsystems (IEC 61508 Parts 1-7).

Causalis business in Germany is conducted by Causalis Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH – please see About.