Our Expertise in Accident and Incident Analysis

Causalis Limited specialises in analysing incident and accidents of transportation systems (air, sea, land), as well as any other complex socio-technical system.

  • Why-Because Analysis

    Developed in-house, our proven Why-Because Analysis has been invaluable in finding causal explanations for occurences of significant failures and accidents.

  • Ontological Hazard Analysis

    Developed in-house, Ontological Hazard Analysis is used successfully for the safety analysis (preliminary hazard analysis, safety requirements specification, refinement and verification of safety requirements in the design) for the forward development of critical systems from requirements to software.

  • Reverse-Engineering

    Our expertise in reverse-engineering complex technical systems from available documentation gives us the ability to evaluate system behaviour with only partial information available, and make predictions on likely behaviour of systems.

  • Aerodynamics

    In cooperation with aerodynamicists we are able to evaluate aircraft behaviour even in unusual circumstances and even with only partial data available.

  • Human-Machine Interface

    We are pioneers in the use of finite-state methods for logical analysis of interfaces between machines and their operators.

  • Visualisation

    We are registered developers of models for the flight simulation software X-Plane, which we use along with our expertise in numerical analysis to produce accurate visualisations of flight from flight-recorder data.

Causalis also applies industry-standard methods such as Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, and Hazard Analysis (FMEA, HAZOP, CCA).